Our Philosophy

At Escape Discovery Adventures we have over a decade of experience in the tourism industry and many more in addition as fellow travellers across Australia and the world.

We understand that travel is more than about just sightseeing, it’s about the experience.

When we asked ourselves what made for our most memorable experiences, the answer was always the same. A sense of fun, encountering something unexpected and offering real value for money.

It’s about discovering something new, the characters you meet along the way and gaining an understanding the different cultures that shape the land.

That’s why our Great Ocean Road adventures go that step further and focus on treating our guests to an experience, not just a tour.

Our aim is to show you the very best a region has to offer and provide a truly memorable encounter.

Our Difference

Our small group tours (max 10) allow a more intimate encounter with nature and the environment and provide a more personal service.

‘Landscape’ View

Our custom designed itineraries allow for more stops, more flexibility and a level of detail not available in larger formats that allow you to gain a fuller appreciation of all the region has to offer.

Truly all-inclusive

We don’t want anything to distract our guests from their complete enjoyment of this magnificent region.

Our comprehensive list of inclusions is specially designed to ensure that every comfort is taken care of with no annoying hidden extras. There’s no chance of choosing a wrong option as we’ve sourced the best for you.

We’ve even included the ‘little’ things like complimentary bottled water and binocular use to make sure your day is complete.

Commitment to quality

So often what is a tour to an otherwise wonderful location can be let down by the feeling of a lack of real value for money.

We believe quality and value in a touring experience need not be mutually exclusive.

From sourcing the best of providers of regional produce for all our freshly prepared meals, to premium selections for morning tea to our new model vehicles, we strive to provide our guests with the highest quality experience at every point.

Our Commitment to the Environment

At Escape Discovery Adventures we witness the debt we owe to nature every day.

As such, we seek to minimise our ‘footprint’ on the environment at every opportunity by constantly reviewing our practices to ensure sustainability, including:

  • Using recyclable materials whilst on tour
  • Managing waste in the most environmentally appropriate manner
  • Being active members of the tourism community to keep up to date with all the latest developments