Happy Bastille Day!

July 14 is Bastille Day so a very special hello to all our French guests.

Bastille Day celebrates the French National Day in 1790 (for we Aussies our Federation in 1901). It marked the end of the reign of absolute Monarchy power under Louis the 16th and the eventual formation of the first Republic under which France is now governed.

In such a multi-cultural city as Melbourne you would expect plenty of events to celebrate this historic event. I am proud to say Melbourne has once again delivered in spades. My suggestion amongst the plenty on offer is below.

Have a look at the link below which is to a free party at the South Melbourne Market (Australia’s oldest) at 4:00pm. The market is renowned for its delectable produce and there will be a distinct French influence today. Whilst there, don’t forget to try a little of our culture – the world famous South Melbourne Market Dim Sims, best served steamed.

Viva La France!


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