Stand at the very edge of the continent, 80 meters above the ocean at cape Otway Lighthouse. Search for Koalas as we explore their natural habitat.

Cape Otway Lighthouse

DISTANCE: 32km from Apollo Bay

TRAVEL TIME: 45mins (approx)

The southern-most point of the Victorian coastline and home to the remote Cape Otway Lighthouse.

Built in 1848 in response to the tragic loss of over 18 ships along this treacherous coastline, climbing the tower perches visitors 80metres above the very edge of the Southern Ocean.

It is one of the best places to spot whales (May to October) on this section of the coast.

Also the site of one of Australia’s most enduring mysteries. Pilot Fred Valentich made his last turn to King Island here before mysteriously disappearing without a trace.

Excellent Koala spotting as it is home to a few close knit communities.