As one of the wettest locations in Victoria with an annual rainfall of 2000mm, it gives rise to the most striking waterfalls in the State.

Join the life in the forest canopy at the world’s highest and longest treetop walk – the Otway Fly.

Koala in the Great Otway National Park

The cool temperate rainforest of the Otways is famed for its giant Myrtle Beech and Mountain Ash trees. The Mountain Ash species are up to 200 years old and germinated from seed the size of a grain of sand. They are amongst the world’s largest, rising over 100 meters.

The understorey is full of low ferns and mosses, with Glow Worms (actually a larvae) making their appearance on damp overhangs on the walkways after dark.Waterfall in the Great Otway National Park

There is a cantilever section that extends out 24 meters suspending you out over the forest floor.A narrow gauge railway from Colac to Beech Forest built in 1902 opened the region up to timber milling. Remnants of some of the original saw mills can still be seen in the rainforest.

The Otway Fly

The Otway FlyThe Otway fly adventure is one of only three steel canopy walks in the world. It is a 600 meter long walkway suspended 30 meters above the forest floor. It took 10 months to build.

It’s a fascinating trip into the treetops – it rocks just slightly (it’s supposed to) as if in time with the swaying trees and really makes you feel one with the life in the forest canopy.